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What is a doula? In the most basic of terms, a doula is someone who is there to support you. There are doulas for all kinds of people, pregnancies and life events including fertility, birth, postpartum, pregnancy loss, abortion and even end of life doulas. There are doulas who specialize in LGBTQIA+, minority birthers, music assisted birth and other ways a birther might be unique. The bottom line is, we are here for you and your unique needs and the right doula is out there for you, waiting to support you and EMPOWER you and your birth partner.

Support might come in the form of information and education so that all of your questions are answered with evidence based, unbiased resources. Support might come in the way of hip squeezes and pressure points to make you feel more comfortable during your labor. And, support might mean we hold your hand, remind you how powerful you are, or simply hold space for you while you rest. Your experience is just that: uniquely yours, so your doula is there to support you in whatever way you might need.

My birth doula services include:

*Free consultation to answer questions and see if we are a good match.

*Two prenatal meetings to get to know each other, develop your birth preferences, learn about your options and ask any questions you might need answered.

*An on call time beginning at 37 weeks up until the arrival of your baby.

*Planned or unplanned cesarean support.

*Continuous labor support for you and your birth partner as well as 90 minutes of support after the baby arrives to make sure you are settled.

*One postpartum visit to talk about your birth, see how you are feeling, gather any resources you might need, and let me love on you and your new baby!

*Access to me via text, email and phone for help finding answers to any lingering questions that might come up.

Birth Doula Packages

Basic Birth Package $1200

My basic birth package is just what it sounds like. You’ll have my services throughout your pregnancy for questions, information, emotional support, prenatal meetings and birth planning. All that is listed above will be offered in this package.

Birth Doula + HypnoBirthing Class $1425

Add HypnoBirthing class to your doula package! Please see my HypnoBirthing page for more info on this wonderful class!

HypnoDoula Package $2000

With this package you’ll be getting all of the benefits of the Basic Birth package, HypnoBirthing classes, plus 2 additional prenatal meetings reserved for HypnoBirthing practice with me so you are completely conditioned to tune into you baby and your body. Then, after baby comes, join me for HypnoMothering and build confidence in yourself and your abilities as a new parent.

To schedule a free consultation, call 603-953-5409 or email me at

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