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The HypnoMothering™ program is the work of two, west-coast based HypnoBirthing® Certified Educators and Hypnotherapists. It is a beautiful extension of the tools learned in HypnoBirthing® classes, yet these tools stand beautifully on their own as well. The techniques practiced in this class are geared toward birthers, but also apply to adoptive parents, or anyone caring for a new baby. Think of the term “Mothering” as a way to describe a person who’s primary focus is on the baby!

In HypnoMothering™, we’ll spend 2.5 hours practicing hypnosis, relaxation, and stress relief, learning to plan for self-care and better sleep, and building self-confidence! You’ll also receive handouts to help with planning and hypnosis, as well as recordings of affirmations and each hypnosis technique we practice.

There are 3 different versions of this class with slightly different tones:

HypnoMothering for Expecting Parents-For new mothers or birthers who are still planning for the arrival of their baby.

HypnoMothering for New Parents-For those who’ve brought their baby home within the past year.

HypnoMothering for Parents of Preschoolers-For parents of children over a year old, to help navigate the transition from parenting a baby to a big kid!

All 3 classes meet once and are $25 with all materials included. See my event pages on Facebook for upcoming classes!

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