A picture of Hilary Camire wearing her long lavender heat pack from Parker Mountain Comfort Wraps with black and star covers. Pregnancy, birth, doula, Seacoast NH, Rochester, NH.

Hello and welcome! When I began teaching HypnoBirthing back in 2015 after the birth of my 3rd HypnoBirthing baby, I had no idea that I would have grown my business to where it is now. After 7 years I have been able to serve nearly 100 families as their childbirth educator or doula. I have also opened my own location to allow other educators, doulas, and birth workers to have a space to meet, share their knowledge and connect with others. And now, I am excited to be expanding and continuing my own education so that I am able to serve families in other ways, too. I hope that you’ll find what you need here, and if not, that you’ll reach out so that I can help connect you with others in our community!

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